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The Best Gifts for Nurses This Holiday Season

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Nurses pour their hearts into caring for others, and the holiday season is a great time to show gratitude for their selfless work. If you’re wondering what to get a nurse in your life, read our guide to the best gifts for nurses, and you’re sure to find something that makes their lengthy work shifts a little easier.

1. Comfort in Every Step: Durable Nurse Shoes

Nurses stay on their feet all day as they check on patients, run medications to the right rooms, and answer call lights. Treat the registered nurse in your life to comfortable, durable shoes designed for those long 12-hour shifts. Brands like Clove, Gales®, Brooks, and HOKA® are popular options in the nursing community. As you shop, consider using nurse discounts that you can access through Shop.ID.

2. Caffeine Fix: High-Quality Travel Mug or Coffee Subscription

Those long shifts often require a couple of cups of caffeine. Nurses in your life will appreciate a stylish travel mug to keep their coffee warm. Some nurse favorites are YETI tumblers and Stanley mugs. Or, be a little different and opt for a premium coffee advent calendar or subscription to ensure they have a steady supply of fuel for their demanding days.

3. Relaxation Rituals: Spa or Wellness Gift Basket

After staying on their feet all day, your nurse friends could use a self-care pick-me-up! Help your favorite nurse unwind with a spa or wellness gift basket. You can include soothing bath salts, essential oils, and a cozy robe, so they have everything they need to relax after those challenging shifts.

4. Stylish and Functional: Nurse-Specific Scrubs or Accessories

Nurses live in scrubs, so it’s likely always a good idea to add a new set to their rotation. Elevate their work attire with high-quality, comfortable, and fashionable scrubs like FIGS or Jaanuu. If you’re not sure what scrubs they like best, opt for accessories instead! Stethoscope charms or badge reels with a touch of personality make great gifts that they can wear to add a little fun to their everyday work attire.

5. Tech Savvy: Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

Being on their feet all day, nurses love tracking their steps. Help the nurse in your life stay connected and monitor their well-being with the newest smartwatch or fitness tracker.

6. Culinary Delights: Healthy Meal Subscription or Cooking Class

Who has time for grocery shopping when working 12-hour shifts? Encourage healthy eating with a subscription to a meal kit service, making it easier for the nurses you know to prioritize their nutrition. You can find great deals on meal kits by going to Shop.ID and filtering for nurse discounts. Or, spice up one of their nights off by signing them up for a cooking class.

As you do your holiday shopping, remember that the most meaningful gifts come from the heart. Consider the preferences and needs of the nurse you’re buying for, and you’re sure to find a gift that will resonate with them.



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