Lynn Bruder

Chief Executive Officer

Lynn is a strategic business professional with a proven track record in building, managing, and operating successful companies. Renowned as an accomplished executive, Lynn collaborates with owners, investors, and operational management to identify opportunities, streamline processes, and drive robust business initiatives.

Passionate about creating businesses that address societal challenges, Lynn excels in crafting strategic visions and translating them into comprehensive business plans with meticulous execution.

One of Lynn’s greatest passions is working with people. She places great emphasis on hiring the best individuals for the job(s). Understanding that the flow of energy is bidirectional, Lynn fosters an open and collaborative work environment, invigorating her team to think critically and perform at a high level.

Lynn’s personal “why” is to develop the workforce of the future. She is dedicated to simplifying and enhancing the education process, making it more convenient, personalized, and affordable. This strategic approach enables Nucleus to attract students and individuals who aspire to pursue rewarding careers in healthcare.

Skills: Motivated, driven, and competitive, Lynn is results-oriented and adept at team building. She excels in creating partnerships, generating revenue, and devising strategic plans for organizational management. Lynn’s expertise also extends to brand development, where she leverages her skills to establish and strengthen the company’s identity.

Lynn loves a competitive game of golf, tennis, or pickleball and enjoys cooking with family and friends. Being a grandparent brings Lynn the utmost joy and she loves spending time with family at the shore.