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The 8 Best Nurses Week Gifts

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It’s time to celebrate the incredible contributions of nurses who tirelessly care for others! Nurses Week, held annually May 6 – 12, is a great excuse to shower the nurses in your life with goodies and appreciation. From practical essentials that make their work more comfortable to thoughtful tokens of appreciation, there’s something for every nurse to cherish. Keep reading as we dive into the best Nurses Week gifts for any budget.

Useful Nurses Week Gifts

Compression Socks

Compression socks can help improve blood circulation and reduce pain and swelling – just what nurses need when on their feet all day. Up at Dawn Compression offers adorable and affordable compression socks in cheerful prints. Buying a pair for a nurse you know means you’re also supporting a nurse’s dream. Tesla, an ER nurse for 10+ years, designed her compression socks to easily go from work to play – whether your nurse friend loves the outdoors or hitting the gym during their free time. If you want other options for compression socks, you can’t go wrong with a pair from Bombas or Nurse Yard.


If you want something to go with the compression socks, comfortable shoes are the perfect choice. Clove shoes were designed by a healthcare professional’s husband who saw how mentally and physically exhausting being on your feet all day can be. So, he made a sneaker that can withstand everything that comes with a shift, and it’s been honored with the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. Want to opt for something different? Healthcare workers also love Nike, Brooks, Hoka, and Gales.

Badge Holders

If you’re ever in a hospital setting, you’ll notice each healthcare professional wearing a name badge. Help your nurse friend add a touch of flair to their everyday uniform or make a pediatric patient smile by heading to Nurseology and picking out a cute badge holder. If you want more options, browse Etsy to see what unique badge holders you can find.

Smart Watch Bands

There aren’t many ways that nurses can show their style on the hospital floor, but watch bands are one area where they can show some personality. Apple has a range of options from $49 and up that include a variety of colors, textures, and patterns. Whether a nurse wants a sporty, sleek, or colorful look, there are options for everyone. But don’t think you have to run to Apple to find the best option. Etsy also offers a host of options from small business creators.

Scrub Caps

For nurses who have to wear scrub caps – think those involved in surgeries and some intensive care and emergency units – switch out their boring caps with something unique. Taylor Made Scrub Hats are designed with high-quality, durable fabrics, are made to suit nurses with any hairstyle, and come in a variety of colors and prints.


Scrubs are the quintessential uniform for nurses, so why not gift them a set of high-quality scrubs to elevate their work attire? There are a multitude of scrub companies and options out there. Brands like FIGS offer stylish and functional scrubs that are not only comfortable but also durable enough to withstand the demands of long shifts. With features like moisture-wicking fabric and plenty of pockets for essential items, these scrubs are a practical gift for any nurse. Good news – FIGS is also expanding its clothing range to offer inclusive sizing! But if you want to try a different brand of scrubs, you can find a comfy pair from Wink, Jaanuu, or one of these nurse favorites.


Water bottles are essential for staying hydrated during long shifts, and a durable, insulated bottle can make all the difference. Hydro Flask offers a range of sleek water bottles that keep drinks cold for hours, perfect for busy nurses on the go. Plus, with a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, you can find the perfect bottle to suit any nurse’s style and preferences. Other nurse-favorite drinkware include options from Stanley, YETI, CamelBak, and Contigo.

Gift Cards

If you’re not sure what to get, you can’t go wrong with a gift card. Gift cards to places such as spas or getaways offer nurses some well-deserved relaxation, which can help them decompress and avoid burnout. Giving these gift cards allows nurses to have a reason to focus on themselves – and it’s much easier to take advantage of ‘me-time’ when it’s a gift. So, whether it’s for their favorite coffee shop, a spa day, or a getaway, a gift card allows nurses to treat themselves to something they truly enjoy.

This Nurses Week, take the time to thank the nurses in your life and show them how much they mean to you, and remember that the best Nurses Week gifts are those that come from the heart. Whether big or small, extravagant or modest, it’s the thought and gratitude for the nurse behind the gift that truly counts.

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